Bank Alliance Program

How the Program Works: The program gives the Lyndhurst Police Emergency Squad the opportunity to earn money based on the number of members who bank with Boiling Springs. Once the requirements of the Community Alliance Program are met, we will receive quarterly donations based upon the average balance of supporters’ designated accounts at Boiling Springs.

How You Can Help Us Earn Extra Money: Supporters can help us by opening a new or by having an existing account with Boiling Springs and designating the account as a Community Alliance participant. No monies are withdrawn from donor’s accounts and all donation dollars come directly from Boiling Springs.

If you already have an account at Boiling Springs please designate your account as a Lyndhurst Police Emergency Squad supporter by filling out the member account form on the back of this page and dropping it off at your local Boiling Springs Savings Bank Branch.

For more information please call: Branch Manager, Mary Dennehy at 201-939-5550 or visit your Lyndhurst Branch Located at 753 Ridge Road