Lyndhurst Police Emergency Squad has joined in order to raise money to buy equipment and fund training for members. This is an easy and free way to support LPES. Goodsearch is a search engine powered by Yahoo that donates about a penny per search to a charity designated by the user. also has an online shopping mall, and a dining program  The company is affiliated with more than 1,300 online retailers.  If a user makes a purchase through these retailers online through the Web page, a percentage of the purchase is donated to the charity selected by the user.  The dining program allows users to register their credit cards to the site.  If a registered card is used at one of the selected dining locations, a percentage of the sale benefits the non-profit.


You can help support Lyndhurst Police Emergency Squad (Lyndhurst – NJ)
when you search the web, shop online or dine out. Find out more about