Lyndhurst Police Emergency Squad  will be holding its first blood drive of 2012 on Saturday March 3 from 10 a.m. to 4p.m. at the LPES building located on 297 Delafield Ave in Lyndhurst.

Every two seconds someone in America receives a lifesaving blood transfusion—this year alone more than 5 million patients will need blood.  Last year LPES collected 175 pints of blood—enough to save 350 lives.  This year the squad hopes to collect 300 pints of blood, potentially saving 600 lives.

Healthy individuals between the ages of 17 to 75 and weighing at least 110 pounds are encouraged to donate blood. Donors with Type O blood are especially encouraged to donate, as the reserve for this type is extremely low.

Blood donations will be used for patients at local hospitals who require life saving blood transfusions. For more information or to register please call 1-800-256-6365, ext. 0.


–       Go to

–       Scroll to center of page and click on where it says

–       “Have a password for a specific drive?” Schedule your donation here

–       Enter your e-mail address, birthdate and sponsor code (32943) and click Login

–       Click on March 3, 2012

–       Select an available appointment time

–       Click “confirm appointment”



-Blood center officials note that each unit of blood donated is broken down into several components including platelets, plasma, and red cells, so one donation can save up to three lives.

-The donation process is safe and simple.  Donors are first asked medical history questions and given a mini-health check, including pulse, blood pressure, and iron level.  The actual donation of blood takes just 5 to 7 minutes, and then the donor is given a snack and juice.  The entire process generally takes under one hour.  Donors will receive free cholesterol screening as well.

-Donor’s requirements including being 16 years of age, weigh120 pounds and be in general good health.  There is no upper age limit for donors provided they meet health requirements.  Donors should bring a signed or picture form of identification and know their S.S. #.  Please eat a meal one hour before donating and drink plenty of water.

-People with a fever or sore throat should wait until they are feeling better before donating, and there is a 24-hour deferral for teeth cleanings and fillings.

-For those who have recently traveled outside of the United States and for other eligibility questions, please call the blood center at 973-676-4700, ext. 132.

-If you require any additional information, please contact Jeffrey Ochital 973-676-4700 ext. 145

The Blood Center of New Jersey (BCNJ) is an independent, non-profit organization supplying blood and blood components to hospitals in 15 counties in New Jersey for over 60 years.   BCNJ conducts an estimated 250 drives a month and must recruit approximately 100,000 blood donors annually in order to serve the hospitals and patients in our community.