Good job to our members who had a CPR save on the Evening of March 17th at an event in town a participant of the event went into Sudden Cardiac Arrest. 3 of our off duty Volunteer EMTs where on scene at the event; EMT Pelle Noticed the person collapse and called EMT Rotondo & EMT Maldonado over to assist. NO Pulse and NO Breathing was confirmed and CPR was Started. Also on scene off duty members of our Volunteer Lyndhurst Fire Department started to help in Pit Crew CPR. Lyndhurst NJ Police Department showed up in less then 1 minute after the 911 call was placed and brought in the AED. At the same time our 2 on duty Ambulances Where en route to the scene and arrived 3 minutes after PD showed up on scene. During this time there was one advised shock from the AED. Following this our on duty Vol. Ambulance Crew was setting up the Autopulse and prior to deployment the patient was found to have regained a pulse! By the time the patient was loaded to the stretcher the patient was up and verbally talking even giving other participants of the event high fives as he left the scene on the stretcher! This is a perfect example of High Quality Bystander CPR at the moment of cardiac arrest drastically improving outcome! “It was an amazing save with a total of 8 of our volunteers members on scene between on duty and off Duty. We could have not asked for a better outcome I am very proud of our Squad!” Stated Captain Tarcisio Nunes of the Lyndhurst Police Emergency Squad. If you would like CPR/AED training please watch our Facebook page as well as website as we will be holding CPR Community classes so you too can be a life saver! Lyndhurst Police Emergency Squad Celebrating 75 Years of Volunteer Service. Est. 1942!